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Superstition and Supernaturalism

Why are superstition and supernaturalism so widespread in America, a Western society, centuries after the Enlightenment, with the results of that intellectual revolution all around us? Superstition, broadly speaking, is belief without recourse to evidence, especially belief in non-existent cause … Continue reading

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The last superstition

The last superstition of any importance is the belief that a god either provides or demands morality among humans. The idea of god-given morality is the last bastion of religiosity remaining after all other superstitions have been stripped away by … Continue reading

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Ghosts of egos past and present

There is a “ghost room” in my house. Every time I enter this room in the dark, I think of ghosts. Sometimes I even get a chill on the back of my neck. Ghosts! Although my thoughts and emotions in … Continue reading

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