The purpose of this blog is to air my opinions as if there is anyone out there who is at all interested or otherwise cares to read and consider them.

I usually write my opinions of the moment in private journals, which I have been keeping for over 22 years. I have tried to start a blog for several years, but have been unable to be egotistical enough to do so.  Now, perhaps, I have overcome my reticence; we will see how long that lasts.

My opinions come from reading and thinking and discussing. I read only non-fiction books, and I read news articles (many of which are fiction) from various sources. I do not watch television or listen to the radio. My goal has been to read at least 26 books a year. Most of my books are on politics, economics, and other social issues. Many are on history, biography, the sciences, and (ir)religion.

I am not interested in partisanship, which I consider to be inherently dishonest. I value sound ideas from whatever source they come. I feel that I am fairly well able to sort the wheat from the chaff, but most people probably feel the same way about their intellectual powers. At the least, I know that I can change a closely-held opinion when I encounter new evidence.

Although I am somewhat flattered when people agree with me, I recognize that many people receive their opinions prepackaged from relatives, friends, associates, and (unfortunately) from the mainstream media. It appears that, for many people, it is more important to have an opinion than to have arrived at it through reasoning about the evidence. It also appears that many people have little time for complex ideas after a hard day’s work and a leisure full of entertainment.

In sum, this blog is for people who are ready to encounter other people’s opinions and to evaluate those opinions alongside their own.