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Flawed Text

Recently, I bought and read a Pearson college biology text and accompanying iPad application. Although the content in each of the two media is thorough, both formats are gravely flawed. The printed edition is too elaborate, while the e-book format … Continue reading

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Tech Mania

Technology is widespread, as is recognition of its importance, but the understanding of various technologies and their appropriate applications lags far behind. Therefore, it is relatively easy for a technology interest group to convince others (without resort to evidence) that … Continue reading

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Coming to a Conclusion

Apparently systematic, logical thought makes too great a demand on people. From what I have seen, most people leave study behind when they leave school–except for what might be required to keep a job. They prefer passive entertainment. That’s one … Continue reading

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Job and wealth creators

We need to promote honest definitions of the terms “job creators” and “wealth creators”. The “job creators” are consumers, the people who buy goods and services. This puts demands on companies to provide those goods and services, and to hire … Continue reading

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