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Poverty is Policy

Poverty in the United States is the direct result of┬ápolicies. It is not “just the way things are”, it is not voluntary, it is not demanded or favored by the American people, and it is not necessary. It is the … Continue reading

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Conservatism Then and Now

Years ago, someone defined reactionaries as those who would take away what the people have, conservatives as those who would not give the people more than what they already have, liberals as those who would give the people enough to … Continue reading

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What If?

The United States is a representative plutocracy–government of the people by the politicians, for the wealthy–on its way to a corporatist state. What if it were a democracy, or trending toward democracy? What would it be like? Is it possible? … Continue reading

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Failed Freedom Fighters

We hear two common refrains from gun enthusiasts: that citizens need to own guns in case the government tries to “take over”, and that gun-control legislation is (therefore) an attempt to disarm the public so that we cannot defend our … Continue reading

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Job Destroyers

We are told that the big corporations and investors are the “job creators”. We are told that they must be pandered to so that they will create more jobs. But if they are the job creators, they must also be … Continue reading

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If a small group of our fellow citizens hoarded most of the nation’s food during a famine, would that be immoral, amoral, or moral? Would it make a difference if they were very innovative and hard-working in doing so? If … Continue reading

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Job and wealth creators

We need to promote honest definitions of the terms “job creators” and “wealth creators”. The “job creators” are consumers, the people who buy goods and services. This puts demands on companies to provide those goods and services, and to hire … Continue reading

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