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Shakespearean trajectory

As anyone familiar with the Shakespeare authorship question knows, there are actually two questions to be resolved: Did the Stratford man write the plays and poems? If not, who did? The questions can be answered simply by looking at the … Continue reading

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Shakespeare is still anonymous

Trash or not, the movie “Anonymous” is of little consequence in the Shakespeare authorship debate. What the debate really boils down to is this: like the creationism versus evolution debate, the Shakespeare of Stratford versus Earl of Oxford debate is … Continue reading

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Sounds of Consonants

There are 70 to 80 different consonant sounds in use in languages around the world, but each language uses only a subset 0f these to pronounce its words. Each language thus needs only a subset of written consonants to spell … Continue reading

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Read Chinese

What do you say or think when you see the digit “3”? In English, you say “three”, in Spanish, “tres”, in German “drei”, in Russian “tree” (transliterated), and so on. And yet in every language the concept or meaning is … Continue reading

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Many languages include contractions; perhaps most do. English seems to have its fair share, but I think it could use more. Some contractions are marked with apostrophes, as in English “didn’t” and German “wie geht’s”. In some languages, the words … Continue reading

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The ABCs

Many people conflate languages with writing systems, but the two are not the same. ┬áThe mistake can be forgiven because several high-profile languages do indeed have unique writing systems: Arabic, Russian, and Chinese, for example. However, the generality is readily … Continue reading

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Not my Type

I used to type letters–lots of letters, scores of pages. I recall a letter that was 15 single-spaced pages long. No doubt there were many reasons why the thrill faded, but I am certain that one reason was the evolution … Continue reading

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