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It is amazing to recognize how great a part ignorance plays in admiration of the Bible and other scriptures, and in reliance upon scripture for moral guidance. At the time that Jesus is reputed to have walked the earth, Aristotle … Continue reading

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Touching Note

While rereading an English translation of De Rerum Natura (The Nature of Things*), written by Lucretius around 50 BC, I came across a passage that I would paraphrase this way: If you cannot touch your god, your god cannot touch you. In … Continue reading

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Components Islam is defined by four main components: the Koran, the Sharia and Hadith writings, and the traditional behaviors and beliefs of Islamic societies. The Koran is the main scriptural text of Islam; it is believed to be the revelations … Continue reading

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Poverty is Policy

Poverty in the United States is the direct result of policies. It is not “just the way things are”, it is not voluntary, it is not demanded or favored by the American people, and it is not necessary. It is the … Continue reading

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Conservatism Then and Now

Years ago, someone defined reactionaries as those who would take away what the people have, conservatives as those who would not give the people more than what they already have, liberals as those who would give the people enough to … Continue reading

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Flawed Text

Recently, I bought and read a Pearson college biology text and accompanying iPad application. Although the content in each of the two media is thorough, both formats are gravely flawed. The printed edition is too elaborate, while the e-book format … Continue reading

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Tech Mania

Technology is widespread, as is recognition of its importance, but the understanding of various technologies and their appropriate applications lags far behind. Therefore, it is relatively easy for a technology interest group to convince others (without resort to evidence) that … Continue reading

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