Job Destroyers

We are told that the big corporations and investors are the “job creators”. We are told that they must be pandered to so that they will create more jobs. But if they are the job creators, they must also be the job destroyers; it was they who laid off millions of employees.

Business leaders will claim that it was the poor business climate that forced them to lay off workers, but it was business people themselves who created that very climate. They want to be praised and credited when they are doing well, but reject criticism and responsibility when they are doing poorly.

And how did business people create the climate that resulted in the latest recession and job destruction? Directly, through dubious business and financial practices, and indirectly, through manipulation of laws and politics. In general, they operated with too little oversight, too little regulation, and more control of politicians than self-control.

So the next time you hear business people brag about being job creators, remember that it is likely that they were also among the job destroyers.

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