Job and wealth creators

We need to promote honest definitions of the terms “job creators” and “wealth creators”.

The “job creators” are consumers, the people who buy goods and services. This puts demands on companies to provide those goods and services, and to hire people to produce them. Without consumers, companies cannot justify production or, therefore, hiring.

The “wealth creators” are the working people who actually produce the goods and services. The holders of wealth either sit on their money, or they generate fake wealth (as in the recent bubble), or they capitalize the production of goods and services (real wealth) by working people. But note that banks, which accumulate the savings of working people, also capitalize production; wealthy individuals are unnecessary.

It should be obvious that the job creators and the wealth creators are in fact the same people–working people–but of course only when they have the opportunity to do so.

Good governance acknowledges these definitions, and favors policies that actively support working people. The wealthy can take care of themselves.

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