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“Both” sides?

Many people seem to think that objectivity and balance in political journalism is satisfied by reporting “both sides” of any story–that is, reporting what opposing candidates have to say about any issue. But reporting opposing falsehoods is neither objective nor balanced. Truly objective reporting … Continue reading

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In any civilized society, some individuals must be restrained to promote the peace and prosperity of the majority. It goes without saying that thugs, robbers, and rapists must be restrained, often physically. But incompetent or avaricious or dishonest businesspeople must … Continue reading

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Shakespeare is still anonymous

Trash or not, the movie “Anonymous” is of little consequence in the Shakespeare authorship debate. What the debate really boils down to is this: like the creationism versus evolution debate, the Shakespeare of Stratford versus Earl of Oxford debate is … Continue reading

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Economic pollution

We have read in the paper that the disparity between rich and poor has grown steadily over the past 30 years. We have read that this has continued in boom times as well as hard times. As a result, we now read that about half … Continue reading

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Who rules?

It seems that many people believe that their religious proscriptions and prescriptions apply to all of us. That belief is not only wrong, but arrogant. Though the American people generally are religious, the American nation was intended to be secular, … Continue reading

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How to tax and spend

Before we can rationally argue about levels of taxation and spending, we have to try to agree on what kind of nation we want. Toward this end, what are the questions to ask ourselves? Let’s start at the very beginning: … Continue reading

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