Height of Cynicism

A YouTube video, entitled ‘What If “They” Are Lying to Us about Ron Paul?’, produced by Fox News, is one of the most cynical political endorsements ever.

The commentator asks a long string of pointed questions, starting with, “Does the government work for us, or do we work for the government?”, “What if Democrats and Republicans were two wings of the same bird of prey?”, “What if elections don’t matter?”,  “What if elections were actually useful tools for social control?”, and many more. It ends with questions like, “What if it were possible to have a real game-changer”, followed by the implication that Ron Paul is such a person.

That Ron Paul is poised to solve our problems is simply a lie. The cynicism is in the fact that all of the questions are legitimate questions that enlightened observers of American politics have been asking for decades, and all have honest (and disappointing) answers. The Fox writers know that these are legitimate questions, and they know the answers, which is to say, they know the truth. However, they do not intend to answer these questions at all, let alone honestly. Instead, they want to lead the listener on, to imply that Ron Paul can and will solve the underlying problems embodied in the questions. The Fox writers know full well that neither Ron Paul nor any viable candidate wants to solve those problems.

And there is more: All the questions asked in this segment are questions that Liberals and Progressives ask (and can answer), yet Fox is always and only a mouthpiece for arch conservatism. What is going on? The Fox writers know that a very large proportion of society has Liberal (and sometimes Progressive) leanings. This is a grandly cynical bait-and-switch scheme.

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