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Many theists, when faced with the lack of tangible evidence for a god, claim that this does not prove that there is no god, because “lack of evidence is not evidence of a lack”. Even if this argument were true, … Continue reading

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Sounds of Consonants

There are 70 to 80 different consonant sounds in use in languages around the world, but each language uses only a subset 0f these to pronounce its words. Each language thus needs only a subset of written consonants to spell … Continue reading

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America Needs a Gorbachev

American politics and economics have been degenerating for decades, with no end in sight. Another Roosevelt probably would not be effective, and in any case is unlikely to appear. Any candidate with honest Progressive leanings is quickly crushed. We need … Continue reading

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Height of Cynicism

A YouTube video, entitled ‘What If “They” Are Lying to Us about Ron Paul?’, produced by Fox News, is one of the most cynical political endorsements ever. The commentator asks a long string of pointed questions, starting with, “Does the … Continue reading

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Skip Theology

Theological and philosophical arguments for or against the existence of gods pale in comparison with accumulated human experience. Humans have never stumbled upon any gods, nor have we found any gods by purposeful searching. Arguments to the contrary make no … Continue reading

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The Trouble with Islam

Christians who denigrate Islam need to consider carefully what the differences between the two religions really are. To be clear, I am discussing Roman Catholic and other strict Christianities and Orthodox Islam. Any honest observer who has looked into Islam … Continue reading

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Understanding the News

If we find that the news is often confusing–sometimes even incomprehensible–it is because we maintain a worldview that is largely a simplistic fantasy. The news can be greatly clarified by adjusting or reconstructing our worldview. Guidelines for doing this are … Continue reading

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