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Evolution of Typing

Manual typewriters were complex and intricate machines. Other than the keys, there would seem to be no comparisons with today’s keyboards and screens. But evolution always carries along a legacy of earlier forms. A typewriter had a “carriage” that held … Continue reading

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One Monkey Typing

Well, I am an ape really, one of the “great apes”, although sometimes I will admit that I am just so-so. Desmond Morris calls us “naked apes”, although we generally do our best to be otherwise. Of course, he means … Continue reading

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A Little More Humor

In my youth, I was called to the priesthood; it was a wrong number. I saw a wreck where watermelons were smashed all over the road. The worst vegetarian roadkill I have ever seen. Poodles are canine topiaries. Are “little … Continue reading

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