What became of the U(nited).S.A.?

The United States of America was a brilliant new idea in governance, founded on a new, fabulously rich continent, a land of brave hard-working and innovative people! What promise! Now, over 200 years later, how has America used its resources, personal productivity, innovation, and social organization? Has it created an egalitarian, happy, enlightened, united society?

Not yet. So far America has produced a powerful aristocracy that holds sway over a vast population of “have nots”, “barely haves”, and “have somes”, a population living in a crumbling infrastructure, demoralized by the fear or reality of unemployment or underemployment, by propaganda, by poor education, and even by crude entertainments. The social disparities between the aristocracy and the poor in America equal or exceed the disparities between the old monarchies of Europe and their subjects.

The vast gulf between the wealthy few and the many poor is proof, absolute proof, that America is a society in which the population does not reap the rewards of its own efforts. Instead, these rewards are taken by a powerful few.

If democracy has eroded, if crime is rampant, if millions are poor and hungry, if the infrastructure is crumbling, if education is failing, if politics is corrupt, if militarism is unbounded, if foreign policy is beligerant, it is because the people who have the power and the resources to change these things want things the way they are, or do not care how things are for everyone else. Either they benefit from this state of affairs, or they can insulate themselves from it.

But why cannot or do not the disenfranchised of America join forces and rise up against the aristocracy to reclaim a fair share of the nation’s benefits? Because the aristocracy owns and operates the media, controls elections, controls the politicians and courts, controls and threatens the use of the police, controls and can withhold most employment, and generates the propaganda and fear that convinces the majority of the population that there is nothing to be done but work within the very system that the aristocracy has established to disunite us.

As we watch the blatantly antisocial behavior of “our” politicians in Washington, D. C., we can see that their goal of disuniting the people from their birthright and the rewards of their efforts is almost complete.

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