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What became of the U(nited).S.A.?

The United States of America was a brilliant new idea in governance, founded on a new, fabulously rich continent, a land of brave hard-working and innovative people! What promise! Now, over 200 years later, how has America used its resources, … Continue reading

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Ship of state

In the ship of state, conservatism makes good ballast, but poor sails. America is the grand ship of state that set sail in the 18th Century, but today conservatism — especially conservatism in service to the wealthy — has shredded … Continue reading

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Theists always ascribe perfection to their gods. If true, then the words used or inspired by their gods would be perfectly precise. In this case, god-inspired scriptures would be unambiguous in whichever language the god inspired them. Because there would … Continue reading

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