And on the Left?

It should be obvious to everyone that right-wing sentiment is hugely influential in America, that it has destroyed civil discourse and has trivialized important issues, that it is eating away at our democracy, and that it promotes hatred and violence among fellow citizens.

Yet it is the Left that is treated as illegitimate. There is much propaganda against anything left of center, as if there were a powerful Left in America, and as if this Left were somehow a danger to our way of life.

Well, then, if the American Left is so big and bad:

  • Show me the radio and TV talk shows filled almost exclusively with left-wing chatter.
  • Show me the airwaves saturated with left-wing hate and threats of violence.
  • Show me the actual left-wing violence against politicians, doctors, journalists, and others.
  • Show me the left-wing militias arming themselves against the right and an imagined “government takeover”.
  • Show me the left-wing racist organizations and segregationists.
  • Show me the historical evidence for left-wing lynch mobs.
  • Show me the left-wing religionists who urge theocracy instead of democracy.
  • Show me the left-wing disregard for this nation’s infrastructure.
  • Show me the corporate and financial power and funding behind anything left-wing.
  • Show me the left-wing disregard for worker health, safety, and a decent living.
  • Show me the left-wing pro-gun lobby that serves both sides of any conflict.
  • Show me the left-wing foreign policy that makes us disliked around the world.
  • Show me how the rise of an imperial presidency and the emasculation of congress are left-wing.
  • Show me a single viable candidate for the presidency who is genuinely left-wing.

So many Americans are so deeply influenced by anti-Left propaganda that they are completely immune to the mountains of evidence to the contrary. As for violence, even our own (right-wing) intelligence services admit that the right wing is increasingly dangerous.

If you value democracy, domestic peace, social mobility, a comfortable standard of living, security in old age, help in response to personal and natural disasters, and the respect and cooperation of the rest of the world, you can only wish for a larger influence of the Left in America. But wish really hard; it might already be too late.

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