The joy of Atheism

If you are wondering what Atheism is about, or feeling inclined toward Atheism, here are a few statements about what it is like. If you are already an Atheist, these may serve as reminders:

  1. There are no gods to spy on your every move, or to listen in on your private thoughts.
  2. There are no gods demanding your adoration or respect or understanding.
  3. There is no hell to punish you eternally for transgressions committed during your finite life.
  4. There is no heaven to bore or torture you with eternal, undefined “bliss”.
  5. You have no soul that can feel pain or pleasure, or that somehow “lives on” without you.
  6. You will not “come back” as a dog or a cockroach or a king or anything at all.
  7. You were born with a moral sense that is innate in all humans.
  8. You are related, via evolutionary descent, to every other living thing on this planet.
  9. Real morality is human-centered, concerned with pleasing other humans and helping us to get along together.
  10. Morality recognizes and acknowledges humanity as it is and can be, in all its variations and expressions.
  11. Morality applies only to interpersonal relations, not to private actions or thoughts.
  12. It is the various scriptures that are confused, ambiguous, and contradictory, not you.
  13. Nobody was ever a better person simply for being a Christian, Jew, or Moslem.
  14. Rewords and punishments for your behavior occur, if ever, here and now.
  15. Your happiness and success depend upon you and your society, not upon supernatural beings or supernatural events.
  16. There are mysteries, but there is nothing supernatural in the entire universe.
  17. The universe is natural, and everything that can be explained, or will be explained, has or will have a natural explanation.
  18. You, your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions are all products of nature.
  19. There are interesting, detailed, and non-magical answers to questions about the world around you.
  20. There are no devils to hurt you or anyone else, or to frustrate your plans.
  21. You do not need beads, amulets, statues, insignias, or altars to be happy, safe, or successful.
  22. Misfortunes are not punishments for misbehavior in thought or deed, but misbehavior can have real consequences.
  23. Working toward a goal is far more likely than prayer to bring success.
  24. You are free to exercise your reason and to accept the evidence of the world around you.
  25. Realistic explanations of the world are available through science.
  26. Atheism is the absence of religion, just as health is the absence of disease.
  27. “Good” and “evil” are human constructs, not inherent aspects of natural phenomena.
  28. By giving up prayer, you give up prayer’s ego-centrism, false hopes, and misdirected expectations.
  29. You can devise your own purposes in life; they are not foreordained.
  30. Your life is greatly simplified by rejecting the idea of supernatural objects, beings, and behaviors.
  31. An “evolved” world and evolved creatures are far more marvelous and interesting than a created world and miraculously-created creatures.
  32. You were born completely innocent of any wrongs, and entirely free of guilt.
  33. You were born an atheist; someone might have later convinced you otherwise.
  34. Superstitions and their attendant fears can be overcome.
  35. You are free to question, analyze, or argue for or against any idea, belief, opinion, or statement.
  36. All feelings and emotions have natural explanations, but all can be experienced without regard to those explanations.
  37. Your life is not predestined; you have real choices.
  38. Each person’s nature is the result of genetics, development in the womb, and post-natal development and experience.
  39. Homosexuality cannot be a “sin”; it is a nature, not a “preference”.
  40. The laws of nature always have, and always will, hold; there are no “miracles”.
  41. A person, good or bad, can never have supernatural powers during life or after death.
  42. There is no conscious or subconscious difference between death and deep sleep.
  43. “Justice” is what humans, working together, make for themselves.
  44. Our moral sense evolved before any religious or other supernatural explanation for it.
  45. You are free to introspect honestly, without interference from supernatural beings, beliefs, or objects.
  46. The entire world is open to our intelligent consideration.
  47. Nature has entrusted us with our own moral reflexes, reasoning and decisions.
  48. Apparent mysteries, if ever explained, will be explained by natural causes, not by supernatural causes.
  49. You might sometimes be “possessed” by a virus or other illness, but you are never possessed by demons or devils.
  50. Atheism, is not a dogma or religion; it is the absence of dogma and religion.
  51. There are no Atheist scriptures or official or sacred writings telling Atheists when or how to harm others, or that they should ever do so.
  52. The time to seek happiness is now, and the place to seek it is here.
  53. You do not need imaginary parents to lead a good life.
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