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Questions for the religious

Here are a few questions that religious persons might ask themselves and try to answer honestly. Continue reading

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Received opinion versus evidence and reason

Too often people accept opinions on the authority of tradition or popularity, what I call “received opinion”, instead of forming their own opinions by reasoning on the evidence. I think there is much harm in this. Continue reading

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The joy of Atheism

If you are wondering what Atheism is about, or feeling inclined toward Atheism, here are a few statements about what it is like. If you are already an Atheist, these may serve as reminders. Continue reading

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Evolution in five minutes

The basics of evolution are so simple that they can be conveyed in five minutes, and with only common knowledge. We all know that frogs lay their eggs in ponds, where the eggs hatch into tadpoles, and the tadpoles then … Continue reading

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