Bessie Anne in Heaven

[A very short story for those who believe in Heaven and/or Hell.]

Bessie Anne could not believe she was in Heaven. She had not been sure there really was a Heaven, or that she deserved to go there.

Her next thought was of how peaceful it was. Very, very peaceful. She had no aches or pains. Then she remembered that she had no body anymore, so she felt nothing–no physical pain and no physical pleasure.

It was completely dark and completely quiet; she no longer had eyes or ears to see or hear. How utterly strange.

Then she recognized that without eyes or ears or any physical being she could not meet or enjoy the company of any of her relatives or friends who might be in Heaven with her. Ever.

It was exactly as if she was completely alone. Alone, in the darkness and quiet, with just her thoughts. Literally. Nothing outside her own thoughts to occupy her or entertain her. Nothing. Ever.

Then she recognized that without a body, without senses, Hell would would be just like this. There could  be no difference between eternal reward and eternal punishment.

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