Field’s Laws

  • A person might learn, but “people” never do.
  • Every horizontal surface accumulates junk until it is no longer horizontal.
  • The volume of the voice varies inversely as the validity of the viewpoint.
  • The value of transmitted information is inversely proportional to the ease with which it is transmitted.
  • In the ship of state, conservatism makes good ballast, but very poor sails.
  • The fire in the eyes of the recent convert is the light of burning bridges.
  • Field’s Uncertainty Principle:
    It is impossible to know “where your head is at” and “be there” at the same time.
  • A head without opinions is like a wallet without money.
  • Anyone who paddles must necessarily rock the boat. (Or: Anyone who is not rocking the boat is also not paddling.)
  • On the cutting edge of technology, there is always someone bleeding.
  • The higher the technology, the harder the fall.
  • Every public service agency evolves into a regulatory agency.
  • A service agency runs on policy, but is proven to work by its ability to handle exceptions.
  • Legality – The lowest acceptable standard of behavior, in contrast to morality, the highest.
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