Thought experiment

What could corporate America and the rest of the power elite do to accelerate the redirection of the nation’s wealth and resources in their favor? Let’s try a little thought experiment:

They might unite to back a shill for president, a candidate who will pose as a liberal or progressive and run as a Democrat, but who will, if elected, support specific corporate, and general conservative, interests. They might do this even though they also back an overtly conservative candidate to run as a Republican, since they know that at least half the voting population has liberal leanings. It would be extra convenient if this fake liberal were from a traditionally underdog group, a woman or a Black man, giving the impression that she or he would be more in touch with the problems of ordinary people.

If either candidate wins, the conservatives would win. Therefore, there would be no need for fraud at the polls, which is too easily discovered. Although apparently that information is just is easily suppressed, it can be embarrassing.

Now let us assume that the Trojan Horse, the fake liberal wins. What would we expect to see happen? First, perhaps, there would be an immediate manufactured outcry that this president is a socialist, or some other propaganda opposite from the truth. This idea will impress the mass of ignorant and gullible Americans, making actual liberals cling desperately to the false belief that “their” president is actually liberal, obscuring the actual evidence of his behavior. The propaganda would also have the effect of radicalizing many conservatives to such an extent that they reject traditional conservative ideas as too far left.

What would be the behavior of the Trojan Horse himself? We might see him wind down the occupation of Iraq, making sure that there are still opportunities for the major profiteers, while intensifying the war in Afghanistan. Probably Guantanamo and other detention facilities would remain open, and the Geneva Conventions would still be out of the detainees’ reach. The many abusive signing statements left by George Bush would remain in place. Secrecy and the suppression of public documents would remain rampant. Certainly no effort would be made to pursue any legal measures whatsoever against the apparent criminals of the former administration.

On a grander scale, the financial and fiscal crises would be addressed by hiring the people who oversaw and permitted its development. The banks and other institutions that created these crises would be bailed out at taxpayer expense, nobody would be held accountable or liable, and the major players would be allowed bonuses. Meanwhile, to quell the possible anger of the public, a half-measure of stimulus would be doled out to businesses, as if to stimulate employment. The tax breaks for the wealthiest citizens would be continued in the face of huge deficits, while unemployment compensation would be hard to come by. This would be accompanied by the propaganda that taxes are too high, and the faux liberal president and most of his party would agree.

On another front, perhaps a revamping of health care might occur, but it would be done in such a way that the health care insurers, and much of the rest of the health care industry, would reap enormous gains, and America would continue to be the only modern Western nation without true universal health care.

In general then, the false liberal Democratic president would play better with the Republicans and the conservatives in his own party than with anyone harboring genuine liberal urges. And after four years the corporations and various conservatives who invented and promoted him would have much of what they want, at the expense of the ordinary working people of America. If they could keep up the propaganda, an overt conservative would win the next election, much to the relief of the gullible American voters.

Well, that is my thought experiment. I hope you found it entertaining. But let me ask a simple question: Can you think of a better explanation of what you see?

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