Is America a “failed state”?

Compare the situation in America today to the aspirations and expectations of the Founders:

  • The Founders intended the nation to be a representative democracy; it has become a representative plutocracy: the wealthy rule through their representatives, whether elected politicians or unelected lobbyists.
  • The Founders hoped to keep the nation out of “foreign entanglements”, especially wars, but America has been engaging in rampant, unnecessary, and often failed militarism for many decades.
  • It was hoped that the nation would not become an empire, but America has become the world’s largest empire, with over 700 military bases in a majority of the world’s nations, even occupying the nation’s supposed allies.
  • Freedom of the press, a right codified in the constitution, has given way to a consolidation of virtually all media into the hands of a few corporate owners whose central goal is to promote the interests of their wealthy owners.
  • The Founders knew that an educated public was essential to the maintenance of any kind of democracy, but genuine education has given way to job training, with little emphasis on the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and participate in civic affairs.
  • The American revolution specifically shook off aristocratic rule, but America has developed its own powerful aristocracy, in the form of a ruling plutocracy.
  • It was specifically intended that America was to be a secular society that did not reward or meddle in religious beliefs, but secularism is eroding.

We can be certain that the Founders, if they could see all this, would consider their grand. momentous, revolutionary experiment a failure.

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